Top 7 Free WordPress Themes

Here’s a list of the top 7 free wordpress blog themes online in my opinion, download links and screenshots included. These are without a doubt some of my favorites and are download worthy, so download them! It takes a lot of hard work to create a simple wordpress theme, it’s a million times harder to create one of the below themes! Works of art, absolute beauty )

A three column work of art. illacrimo is elegant, modern and well designed. Functional, simple but presents bloggers with a powerful professional impact for their blog readers.

Whalesalad is one of those wordpress themes that screams to be used. It’s a dark theme but colors don’t clash, I’ve had some hardcore light colored blog theme lovers swear by this one, which is praise enough i’m sure.

JsTheme bashes heads with it’s sleek, professional cool blue design. Great for pretty much any blog, it’s a 2 column block of ice, cool and a very solid design.

Grab a mug of coffe and sit back, relax, because this template is just one calm, slick thme. Yoghourt is it’s name, although I don’t agree with the name, the wordpress blog theme speaks for itself. Great colors, wonderful 2 column setup and lovely nips and tucks to the style sheet.

3 column templates don’t get hotter than this. Nothing I can say to explain how sexy this wordpress them is, you have to download it and check it out for your self! Do it now!

Minimal to an extent, not my favorite but i’ve got to give this blog theme props, it’s stands out with it’s unique design and simple layout. It’s functional and can be used in many ways that’s for sure, although not my cup of tea I give it 2 thumbs up!

farfromfearless, this designer is one of my favorites, his wp blog theme is also one of them. Green is one of my favorite colors, but this template does it all. Very well cooked up, well designed and very functional, 2 column wordpress template I would recomend to just about anyone!

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