Beijing enlists army of toilet trained staff

Cleaners mop the floor inside a public bathroom in Beijing, ...

BEIJING (Reuters) – Beijing has dispatched 8,000 toilet maintenance staff, each responsible for a specific public restroom in the city and trained in hygiene standards and techniques, Olympic knowledge and practical English expressions, Xinhua said Friday.

There will be selective inspections every week and the results will be posted on the website of the Municipal Utilities Administration Commission, said the news agency.

The city was also struggling with which style of commode would be best, noting Westerners prefer seated toilets, which are more comfortable and convenient for the elderly or infirm.

The squat toilets widely used in Chinese public facilities are considered more hygienic as there is no direct contact with body, it said.

At more than 30 test events held by the Games organizers, the squat versions drew frequent complaints from foreigners, said Xinhua.

“Not all of the toilets will be changed, but those for journalists, athletes, and VIPs will be,” Xinhua quoted Yao Hui, the deputy director of venue management, as saying.

(Reporting by Kirby Chien; Editing by David Fox)

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