Startup Pitches Combined Security, Energy Service

iControl, a Palo Alto-based startup, has unveiled ConnectedLife Energy Management, a proposal for a home security system that doubles as a way to automate home energy consumption management. The idea is to get broadband companies and other providers to either offer a standalone energy service, or one that’s combined with interactive home security products.

That’s actually two separate offerings, but here’s the basic concept. ConnectedLife Energy Management would monitor energy usage in real-time. The system wirelessly communicates with two-way smart meters, as well as appliances, lights, and other compatible devices. A touch screen, widget-based control panel would control HVAC and lighting, and would let homeowners monitor energy usage with real-time displays of kilowatt consumption and dollars spent.

Going further, the system tracks and compares daily, weekly, and monthly trends to preset goals for energy use and carbon footprint reduction. It also automates home tools, such as smart thermostats that minimize the use of high-energy consuming devices like HVAC systems. Finally, it could let homeowners control thermostats from the Web, an iPhone, or other mobile devices.

Granted, this is all a little too complex to package as something you could order from Amazon. For now, it’s all on the drawing board until broadband providers or utility companies step up.


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