Apple May Be Exempt From China’s Web Filter Mandate

Apple appears to be exempt from China’s mandate that a controversial Internet filtering program be shipped with all computers sold in the country.
Computers that do not meet the software’s technical requirements are excluded from the mandate, according to one PC maker. Read the full story… »


Pirate Bay Users Jump Ship Over Site Sale

Calling The Pirate Bay’s owners “sellouts” who made a “deal with the devil,” users of the notorious torrent-tracking site expressed their frustrations across the Internet today. The cause of their ire, of course, was news that a Swedish company is buying The Pirate Bay (TPB) for $7.8 million. The buyer, Global Gaming Factory X, plans to turn TPB straight and end its reign as a haven for pirates who use the site to find—and illegally download—copyrighted content across the Net. Read the full story… »

Apple iTunes 8.2

iTunes is an audio player for playing and organizing digital music files, and purchasing digital music files in the FairPlay digital rights management format. The iTunes Music Store is the component of iTunes through which users can purchase digital music files from within iTunes. Read the full story… »

IE7pro 2.4.6

IE7Pro is a must have add-on for Internet Explorer, which includes a lot of features and tweaks to make your IE friendlier, more useful, secure and customizable. With IE7pro you may switch proxy, set agent identification, block ads and flash, apply super drag-drop, refresh tab automatically, recover session crash, manage tab history, view page information, save image files quickly and more. Read the full story… »

Flash Optimizer

Flash Optimizer is a handy software solution for web-masters, web-designers, Flash professionals and everyone who has ever come in touch with Macromedia Flash technology. Read the full story… »

eRacer Online 1.17

e-Racer is a real-world driving game, which puts gamers behind the wheel of hardcore muscle racers in realistic locations, including streets, parking lots Read the full story… »

Can Facebook Get Its Privacy Controls Right?

When it comes to privacy tools, Facebook has been a bit of a flop. Now the social networking behemoth has launched its latest effort to get it right. Read the full story… »